General Information

How far is Adene’s Flowers from Cape Town?

About 75 minutes drive. 

Is the farm open to the public?

Only on designated Open Days.

When are Open Days at the farm?

January, February and March - every Saturday & Sunday morning. 

The last open day is Sunday 4 April. 

    What time are the Open days?

    We open at 8am. We encourage people to come as early as
    possible - it gets very hot in the summer under the nets and coming
    early means you will enjoy a cool morning walk. By 11 it gets really
    hot.  We close the ticket sales and coffee shop at 12pm but you are still
    welcome to be on the farm after closing time.

    Where can I book for Open Days?

    No need to book - just come and purchase your ticket at the entrance.

    What is the entrance fee for Open Days?

    Entrance for adults is R70 and for kids is R40 to the flower farm. With
    your entrance you will receive a packet of flower seeds worth R65. 

    What should I bring to the Open Day?

    A hat, sunscreen, flat shoes - preferably closed and a bucket for your

    Is there a Coffee Shop on the farm?

    Yes, but it is only open to the public on the Open Days.

    When are Dahlia tubers available?

    Mid-August 2021

    Restaurants in the area.

    Bosjes Tea garden and Kitchen

    Waverly Hills Restaurant


    Tulbagh hotel

    Accommodation in the area.

    Orchard Stay Guesthouse 

    Arum Lily Cottage 

    Riverstone Cottage

    Hoogwater Cottage